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  1. Nume:alex ★ Vârstă:25 ★ De ce dorești să aplici pentru acest grad?:Administrator ★ Ce secțiune dorești spre moderare?:toate ★ Ce îmbunătățiri poți aduce secțiunii moderate?:activite ★ Explică activitatea ta pe forum și secțiune din ultima vreme:activite / ★ Ești conștient că vei fi pus într-o perioadă de probă, iar dacă nu te vei descurca riști să fii suspendat?:da ★ Ești conștient că poți fi suspendat din funcție la prima abatere de la regulament?:da ★ Alte precizări:fb hamza sdkk ★ Poți intra pe teamspeak la ședințe?:da
  2. Can u speak @*Sp33d*[dinamo]*ALA*, ? i don"t have time !
  3. [Hidden Content] Done !!
  4. Accepte Super-Moderator i will give u just super-moderator and whene you be active i will give u administrator !!
  5. Send @*Sp33d*[dinamo]*ALA* here or in pm all Description you want !
  6. ENGLISH RULE ! This regulation applies to all categories of members registered in the EnjoyGame Romania community! The regulation is applied in all categories belonging to the forum because regardless of degree, the regulation is written and respected by everyone. 1. Username / profile / avatar / signature 1.1 User name / Display name does not contain vulgar or racist language. Be different than the people in the forum's administrative team. 1.2 The avatar / Signature does not contain pornographic / racist images or refers to cruelty to humans / animals. * Forbidden are 'NSFW' (not safe for work), because among us are members who visit us from work or public spaces, this category generally includes adult pictures +18 1.3 The signature should contain only one picture because the signature is not a gallery of pictures and wallpapers. 1.4 It is forbidden to attach video clips in the signature. 1.5 Registering multiple accounts on the same Internet Protocol (IP) address is sanctioned by permanently suspending all accounts / deleting the account. 2. Opening a new topic (thread) 2.1 Make sure you are in the right category before opening a new topic. 2.2 Use "Search / Search" before opening a topic because there may already be a topic with the same subject line. 2.3 Give a suggestive title to the topic open to get an answer as quickly as possible. 2.4 It is not allowed to open or support by posting topics (topic) that are meant to store irrelevant information as a result of violation of the off-topic / post-hunt regulation etc. Example: If you encounter difficulties in changing your avatar, you do not put a "problem" title but put the "Avatar change problem" so when an administrator or moderator searches for problems with the "problem", "avatar", "change" keywords faster topic and help you. 3. Language 3.1 The use of a vulgar language brings permanent permanent suspension on the forum. 3.2 We do not tolerate insulting registered members in the community regardless of language (in English, German any other language). The challenge to strike / injuries is also punished with temporary or permanent suspension on a case-by-case basis. 3.3 Offended racist punishment is punished with permanent suspension. 3.4 Penalties are also applied to private messages (PM) in the forum. 3.5 Inappropriate language is also the partial censorship of vulgar words. 4. Posting Rules 4.1 Off-topic / post-hunt / spam 4.1.1 Off-topic is a post that is unrelated to the subject topic. This post is not allowed. 4.1.2 Post-hunt refers to items based on their quantity and not meaning. Posts containing a sec-text or generic responses are considered post-hunt. Example: "hello" "hard" "nice" "cool" The "generic" answer is the assertions that are not real or have no connection with the subject, eg "I like the game, I played it and it's fine" can be considered a "generic" answer because it is not a developed or unconscious answer about the subject respectively. 4.1.3 If a regulation has been violated by a post, those who support "closed and warn", "Ban bann" will be sanctioned for post-hunt. To report / report using the report command located under the avatar of the one you want to report. 4.1.4 Spam defines excessive posting in a certain category with unnecessary topics / posts or the same subject / answer. 4.2 Double-post 4.2.1 Double-posting is not allowed, use the edit button. It is not considered double-posting if the two posts were applied over a 24-hour interval. 4.2.2 It is not considered double-posting if the interval is a few seconds because a connection conflict can occur which results in a fast double-posting. 4.3 Excessive / abusive use of colors / smiley / fontsize is forbidden 4.3.1 Colors, fontsize are used to highlight an idea, a fragment of a sentence not to "paint" any post / subject. 4.3.2 Members who violate most of the 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 regulations may be penalized by the total or partial deletion of the forum posts, with a 90% spam rating. So we recommend that members who encourage Off-topic or Post-hunt to give up this idea because they will have all the deleted posts and time is lost. 5. Pirateria (warez) 5.1 Forbidden is the opening of any topic about piracy (warez) The following topics will lead to permanent suspension without the right to appeal: * Instructions, discussions, or addresses about how a pirated program runs, including cracks. * Request or publish serial numbers or cracks. * Request or publish DLCs. * Request or publish trackers. (
  7. K!lleR


    moderator Send me secțiune dorești you want !